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Monthly Archives: May 2020

    Q: Why Is the Online Price of My Home Different?

    By Alexis Weigand | May 28, 2020

     I’m explaining why the online and real list price of a home may not match.   Did you know there’s a difference between the online sales price and the real sales price of a home? Whether you’re speaking with an agent about what your house may sell for or you’re online checking out what... Read More

    The 3-Step Plan for Maximizing Your Listing

    By Alexis Weigand | May 6, 2020

     We’ve been able to get 98.7% of list price for our sellers with this method.   Though every listing agent will do things a bit differently, here is the general outline for how to maximize a home sale:    Plan to launch the property on a Thursday. When we go live on the MLS... Read More