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Monthly Archives: September 2020

    Q: How Quickly Can I Expect to Sell My House?

    By Alexis Weigand | September 30, 2020

     Here’s how long you can expect your home sale to take if you act promptly. Sellers ask us all the time how quickly they can expect to sell their home, and here’s the answer: Assuming that you can go on the market within two weeks, you should expect a closing no more than five... Read More

    Q: Where Are the Best Home Service Providers?

    By Alexis Weigand | September 23, 2020

     Here’s where you can find the best local home service providers. In my opinion, the best person you can go to is your real estate agent for home service recommendations. We have access to the HomeKeeper app, which keeps track of service providers who are highly thought of in the Boerne/San Antonio community. We... Read More