Pre-Listing is a Safe Option For Future Homebuyers

    For buyers who want to make a move in the future but haven’t found the home they want to buy, pre-listing may be the right option. Learn more about it here.

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    What does it mean to pre-list your home, and why would you want to do it?

    Pre-listing is mainly for buyers who are aren’t quite sure if the house they’re looking at is even on the market. They don’t have a sense of urgency, but they do know that they’re going to make a move in the future. They just don’t like anything that’s on the market right now, so by pre-listing, they can get their house ready to list before they make the full commitment of going live on the market.

    Many buyers come to us saying that they want to buy a house, with the purchase being contingent on the sale of their own house. This can be a difficult transaction to manage unless their house is already listed. However, with the option of pre-listing, you can achieve just that.

    To start a pre-list, pick up the phone and call me to schedule a consultation. We’ll set you up with a search so that you can start looking for the perfect house.

    We have found that more and more clients are choosing the pre-list route.

    We will also go through the entire listing process, meaning we’ll help you look at comparable properties, choose a price that the market will support, fill out the disclosures and paperwork, as well as complete your home photos and do your marketing. Our goal is to get you ready to go.

    We’ll do all of this within your time frame with no stress or urgency. When the house you want us to negotiate a great deal for does come up, we can submit the pre-MLS sheet to the seller and inform them that the purchase of their home is contingent on the sale of your own home, and that your home is ready to go live on the market right away. This will save you more money on the buy-side, as it’s less risky for the seller. It will also allow you to sell your home quicker because everything is ready to go.

    We have found that more and more clients are choosing the pre-list route, so if you’ve been thinking about it or are interested in learning more, feel free to give me a call. I’d be happy to walk you through your options.

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