What a Pre-List Can Do for You

    How can a pre-list help you buy and sell at the same time?

    The typical client who wants to pre-list is someone who doesn’t have to sell their current home and is in no hurry to, but they’d still like to buy that perfect next home if and when it pops up on the market.

    If the purchase of that next home is contingent on the sale of the current home and you want to avoid taking on two mortgage payments, a pre-list is perfect for you because it will help with the simultaneous transaction.

    The preparation process for a pre-list is no different than the process of listing your home normally. We’ll still come out to your home and consult you about how to price it to sell, and we’ll also develop a marketing plan in the event that it does need to be listed quickly. After that, we’ll sit on the home’s file for however long it takes. This will give you the confidence to put your home on the market almost immediately once you find the next home you want to buy..

    For a seller to accept a contingent offer in today’s market, they’re going to want a guarantee that your home can and will go live on the MLS within 24 hours of them accepting your offer. I assure you that this can only be done with a pre-list.

    If you’d like to talk more about this topic or what your other options are if you need to buy and sell at the same time, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help you.

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